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Napoleon III

  Few towns can claim as a resident someone whose portrait would later appear on postage stamps and on his country’s coinage.  There can be little doubt that Prince Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, the Pretender to the throne of France was the most illustrious of Leamington’s erstwhile residents. Louis, the nephew of Napoléon Bonaparte, had, like all members of the Bonaparte […]

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Thomas Dawkes, 1767 – 1835, Parish Clerk of All Saints

    Thomas Dawkes, parish clerk of the original All Saints church during the early nineteenth century was a close neighbour of Benjamin Satchwell and witnessed first hand the metamorphosis of Leamington from a small village into a town. His real importance to the researcher lies in the fact that he made copious notes on […]

Elizabeth Anne Galton, 1808 – 1906

Elizabeth Anne Galton was a Victorian gentlewoman, the eldest of six daughters and three sons born to a wealthy Quaker banking family and related through her mother to the Darwin family. She was not a feisty high-achiever, explorer or philanthropist, but she played a significant role for future historians at least in recording her memories […]

Blue Plaques

Blue Plaques have been displayed on many buildings in the town to recognise the contributions of the people who, at one time, lived there or were otherwise connected with the place. We have articles about many of these people on this website and intend to provide information about others in the near future. The plaques are […]

Francis Stenton

Francis Stenton was the Master of Ceremonies at the Upper Assembly Rooms from 1821 to 1830, resigning in mysterious circumstances having been absent for a while. In an address to the subscribers at the election of his successor, Dr Amos Middleton said: “I must ever lament the necessity that has placed Capt. Stenton in a […]

The Polish Community in Leamington Spa

  The building you see here is the Polish Centre, which was originally Leamington Spa’s Town Hall, designed for the Town Commissioners in 1831 by the architect Russell, who also designed the now demolished Warneford Hospital. The building, although small, housed the Commissioners’ meeting rooms and offices, a ballroom, a magistrates’ court, and a police […]