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Leamington Lights

Mick Jeffs test album

Henry Peach Robinson: pioneer Victorian photographer

Here is a presentation by Alan Griffin of Leamington History Group about Henry Peach Robinson: pioneer Victorian photographer. A blue plaque in memory of Henry Peach Robinson was unveiled at 60 Parade on 23rd September 2015 by Dr Michael Pritchard, Director-General of the Royal Photographic Society.  He has written an article for the RPS Newsletter […]

Lights of Leamington Gallery Page

Following the Festival of Britain in 1951, for a whole decade, Royal Leamington Spa and Jephson Gardens became THE autumn venue for hundreds of people from all over Britain. Thousands of coloured electric lights transformed the Gardens into a wonderland for both children and adults. In August and September each year, the streets of the […]

A guide to burial grounds in Leamington

A presentation by Alan Griffin of Leamington History Group, about burial grounds in Leamington Spa. Click on the forward and back arrows to navigate through the presentation. Click on the two-headed arrow symbol in the bottom right to enter full-screen mode.

Nineteenth Century Slums in Leamington Spa

Housing, Inhabitants, and the Impact of Public Health Reforms Many books and commentaries have been written in praise of Leamington, of its architecture, spa waters, doctors, parks and gardens, and were published to promote the town as a healthy place to visit and live. Naturally, anything that may have contradicted this picture was excluded, suppressed […]

Parish Boundary

The parish was for many centuries the limit of most people’s life. The parish was their social security system, their safety blanket in times of stress, their extended family, so it was vitally important that they knew the extent of their home parish. When people ventured ‘abroad’ they could, if the parish agreed, carry a […]

Edith Mary Warr

Edie, aged 100, recalls lively episodes from her long life in Leamington – her workdays, her husband’s bands, their motorbike and sidecar. 48 minutes. 47MB file.

The Manners-Sutton sisters

In the early years of the 19th century the  new town of Leamington Priors was seen as a fashionable place for well-connected members of society to settle. Few families who came to live here had a more aristocratic ancestry than the five Manners-Sutton sisters who came to  Leamington sometime in the 1830’s. The sisters were […]