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The Free Czechoslovak Army

During the Second World War, the Free Czechoslovak Army (FCA) was based in Leamington Spa and a memorial fountain in the shape of a parachute in the town’s Jephson Gardens records their stay. It also commemorates one of the most daring undercover missions of the war which was carried out by Czechoslovak  paratroop agents. The […]

An Ancient Footpath

Footpaths must be one of man’s earliest creations, even hunting and gathering needed footpaths to follow. Generally speaking every footpath had/has a reason for its existence, even if that reason is now difficult to discern. Usually paths radiated from a given point of habitation, for example from a village out into the surrounding fields and […]

The Last Bath Chair

The small building in Farley Street, indicated by an arrow at the bottom of the map was the shed where the last Bath Chair in Leamington was kept, observed by Kit Smith, as he walked to school in about 1932. George David Taylor was the Bath Chair man, from about 1909 onwards. He operated from […]

A Regal Ghost

Leamington’s Vue Cinema started life as ‘The Regal’, designed in Art Deco style by Horace G Bradley and opened in September 1931. It was then one of the 15 largest cinemas in the UK. Remodelled several times since then, it is reputedly haunted, by a lady thought by many to be the late Edith Devis. Mrs […]

The Parish Church

A presentation by Alan Griffin, Chair of Leamington History Group, about the history of Leamington’s Parish Church. Click on the forward and back arrows to navigate through the presentation. Click on the four-headed arrow symbol in the bottom right to enter full-screen mode.

Leamington Memories slideshow

Elizabeth Mordecai provided us with a wonderful slideshow presenting many pictures of pre-war Leamington – from the development of Bath Street and All Saints church to kids’ days out from Clapham Terrace School. Click on the forward and back arrows to navigate through the presentation. Click on the four-headed arrow symbol in the bottom right […]

William Gascoyne – builder

William Gascoyne (1827 – 1902) – A Nineteenth Century Leamington Builder. A stonemason  by training, William Gascoyne came to dominate the building industry in late 19th Century  Royal Leamington Spa. He undertook a variety of projects, in public, commercial and domestic buildings, playing a prominent and important role in the local building industry, and contributing significantly to […]

Methodist chapels

Portland Street Wesleyan Chapel This was the original purpose built home of Methodism in Leamington. ‘The earliest Leamington Methodists went over to Warwick to worship’, by 1817 William Scott and his wife had founded a place of worship in ‘Barnacle’s Yard, Satchwell St., they later moved to Brunswick St. The next move was to purchase […]

Milverton churches

Milverton Episcopal Chapel or Pepper Pot Chapel This chapel was built to solve the problem of those of Milverton’s parishioners who preferred not to travel to St. James, or brave the Binn’s brook to worship outside their home parish in a Leamington chapel. The ‘Pepper Pot Chapel’ as it was generally called due to the […]