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William Smith was born in 1844 in Fenny Compton, where his father Thomas was a grocer and draper. At the age of fifteen, William came to work in Leamington Priors, where he became apprenticed to Daniel Humphrey, a shoemaker in Bath Street.  By the age of 37, he had become a Master Bootmaker with an […]

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Here is the history of Leamington College for Boys, otherwise known as Binswood Hall, in Binswood Avenue. The story is told in 42 slides and was compiled by Alan Griffin. Click on the forward and back arrows on screen or on the keyboard to navigate through the presentation. Click on the two-headed arrow symbol in […]

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This is our Calendar for 2017 which shows scenes and memories of the town and is compiled by our members. All previous editions have sold quickly which has been very pleasing. Author: compiled for LHG under leadership of Alan Griffin Published in 2016 by Leamington History Group Retail Price: £5.00 Copies may be purchased at […]

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This is an introduction to the railways of Leamington Spa and a longer and more detailed Research Paper is available HERE In the nineteenth century Leamington Spa was blessed with the construction of railway lines radiating in several directions. Leamington missed out on the first main line from London to Birmingham which opened in 1838 […]

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Rosemary Thwaites was the youngest child and only daughter of Captain Sidney Herbert Thwaites, a retired soldier-turned-farmer and a member of the Yorkshire brewing family. Her older brother Leslie Basil Thwaites, a farmer, engineer and inventor, set up Thwaites Agricultural Engineering Company, and Rosemary too grew up interested in motors and mechanisms, driving a car from […]

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The large tracts of permanent pasture to the west and south of the new town of Leamington, formerly given over to sheep and cattle grazing since medieval times, were prime fox hunting country. Writing in  1841 the distinguished travel writer Dr Augustus Granville had this to say about Leamington … “The neighbourhood may be  of […]