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Kevin talks about a life in music, from Rentons Rare Records to playing home-made instruments (watering can, anyone?) on TV’s Blue Peter and in many local schools. 31 mins. 33MB mp3 file. This recording was made as part of the “History @ Bath Place” project, 2007-9.  kevin-renton

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Can you identify what the Leamington ladies listed below might have in common? Mrs Wackrill Archery Rd Mrs A Hill Northumberland Rd Mrs Hassall 47 Avenue Rd Mrs Nutter 9 Church St Mrs Davies 50 Greatheed Rd Mrs Inge Mrs Dykes 12 Milverton Crescent Mrs Thornton 48 Warwick Rd Mrs Hellis 16 Victoria Rd The […]

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In the Olympic year of 2012, let’s celebrate the achievements of some of our sporting heroes past and present who lived in or around Leamington Spa… Neil Adams, born in Rugby in 1958, won a silver medal at Judo in both the 1980 and 1984 Summer Olympics. He was the first British man to win […]

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Lyndon F (Toby) Cave (left), former architect and noted local historian, who has now relocated to Dorset, presenting a parting gift to Jeff Watkin of Leamington Art Gallery and Museum. The fox is one of the earliest surviving artefacts associated with the ‘new town’ built north of the river in the early 1800s and was […]