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Leamington Spa in 100 Buildings

The Story of Leamington Spa in 100 Buildings This project is led by five members of the Leamington History Group and we began work at the start of 2017. The project now has the full support of the Committee of the Leamington History Group and it has agreed, in principle, to fund the printing of the book. […]

Guided Walks – A Celebration

The Programme of walks in 2017 was very successful with many parties which met the maximum of 20 people in a group. The walks are supported by Leamington Town Council and on 16th November the mayor, Mrs Caroline Evetts, invited the guides to an informal gathering where she thanked them and their organiser, Michael Pearson. […]

Father Thomas Byles, Titanic hero, and Rev Ernest Carter

The story of the ship’s orchestra playing the hymn ‘Nearer my God to Thee’ as the Titanic sank is well known and documented. Survivors of the sinking also recounted how a Roman Catholic priest gathered more than a hundred passengers round him  on the stern of the ship and led them in prayer after all […]

Heraldry of Royal Leamington Spa

Perhaps you are vaguely aware of the shield for Leamington which has a chevron on top of a lion with two tails, three stars at the top and a border containing eight fleurs-de-lys. In an idle moment you may have wondered about its origins, what it all represents and if it tells you anything about […]

Leamington History Day 16th September 2017

Saturday 16th September 2017 Our annual Local History Day in the Parish Church showcased the work of the Leamington History Group and many other history and amenity groups.   We consider that it has been a great success.  Just over 500 people visited us and every stallholder was busy with visitors for most of the […]

Thomas Baker Revisited

Thomas Baker was  a well-known artist based in Leamington Spa from 1833 and has been the subject of a page on this website for some years; this can be found HERE We have learnt recently of a new website dedicated to the artist and this can be seen by clicking HERE. The site has been developed […]

John Cundall, Architect

This is a brief summary of the life and work of an architect whose designs pepper the town of Leamington Spa with buildings which have a distinct air of belonging to the same family. John Cundall was born in Leamington Spa in 1830 and died in 1889 at the age of 58 years. A simple […]

New Publications

  We are pleased to announce new publications by the Group and our members. These include our new Calendar for 2018 and upcoming publications about World War II and images of People and Pubs Click Here for further information.