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Edith Devis was a prominent businesswoman in Royal Leamington Spa in the 1920s and 1930s. She was born Edith Clark in Brigg in Lincolnshire in 1882. She moved to the Midlands in the early 1900s and in June 1906 she married Walter Dowding who had been the landlord of the Golden Fleece in Loughborough since […]

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Eric Robert Taylor was born in Leamington at the beginning of May 1928.   He attended Warwick School, where he distinguished himself as a musician.  He also sang in the choir at St Mary’s Church, Warwick.  In 1945, he made the pages of the Leamington Courier, – where it was announced that “Eric R Taylor has […]

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William Smith was born in 1844 in Fenny Compton, where his father Thomas was a grocer and draper. At the age of fifteen, William came to work in Leamington Priors, where he became apprenticed to Daniel Humphrey, a shoemaker in Bath Street.  By the age of 37, he had become a Master Bootmaker with an […]

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We tried very hard to verify all the information in the book but, from experience, we are not surprised that new information has come our way. We are happy to include facts once we have verified them. We may also consider publishing further information of which we were not aware that may be of interest […]

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Many Leamingtonians are not aware of the detail of the bombing raids on Leamington during the Second World War. Ask them if we were bombed and they will often tell you that Queen Victoria’s statue was moved because of a bomb. Many will tell you that Lipton’s grocery shop on the Parade was demolished and […]