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This page is a Summary of a Research Paper which can be viewed HERE (pdf document) The Leamington History Group is pleased to publish the fruits of this research because some of the ale brewed in Wallace Street, Saltisford, Warwick was imbibed in Leamington Spa. The Warwick & Leamington Brewery was founded in February 1832 […]

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Buy Phentermine 37.5 Online

Richard Hewens was born at Morton Pinkney, Northamptonshire in 1819/20.  The first mention of him in Leamington is his marriage to Mary Ann Hall of Budbrooke at All Saints Parish Church in 1841.  Richard and Mary Ann were listed at 38 Althorpe Street in the 1851 Census, with Richard’s profession given as “Smith.” They had […]

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Where To Get Phentermine Cheap

George Cunnew was not Leamington born, but he made Leamington his home and built up a successful business here.  He came from Bethnal Green, one of the poorest parts of the East End of London in the nineteenth century. George, born in 1822, worked for a bookseller, and looking for better opportunities, moved with his […]

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Recent research on local iron-founders and ironmongers has uncovered a quite remarkable man with a busy career in court in the second half of the nineteenth century. The man in the spotlight is George William Grove. He first appears in the Leamington Courier as the executor of a will in 1871. Over a period of […]

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Leamington Spa Ale & Porter Brewery [AKA: Public Brewery, Regent Brewery, Leamington Brewery] Wise Street Summary This is a summary of a Research Paper which may be viewed by Clicking Here Researching and piecing together this brewery’s history was particularly interesting because so little is known about it and even less has been written – […]