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William Louis de Normanville (1843-1928)

William Louis de Normanville’s family originated in Normandy. His grandfather, the Marquis de Normanville had escaped from the Revolution in 1792, leaving his family behind in the sadly mistaken belief that women and children would be safe from revolutionaries. In England he married again and eventually dropped the title. As a young man William de […]

Unveiling of the Blue Plaque for Benjamin Satchwell

The Leamington History Group is pleased that our members have helped to sponsor the mounting of a Blue Plaque on Satchwell Granary at No 1 New Street which was unveiled on 10th June 2015. This is the site of the cottage where Benjamin Satchwell lived for at least 45 years. The plaque was organised by the Historic Plaques Committee […]

Flavel’s Part One of two

Part One, 1777 to about 1875 [Note – A version of these articles in a different format is available HERE] This follows the firm from some early members of the Flavel family to the time when Sidney Flavel junior took the reins from Sidney senior. The history of the Flavel family in manufacturing has been […]

Flavel’s Part Two of two

Part Two, about 1875 to 2015. [Note – A version of these articles in a different format is available HERE] This follows the firm from the moment when Sidney Flavel junior took the reins to the present day.   Sidney Flavel junior (1847 to 1931) was educated at Warwick School and was later a governor of […]

Thomas Dawkes, 1767 – 1835, Parish Clerk of All Saints

    Thomas Dawkes, parish clerk of the original All Saints church during the early nineteenth century was a close neighbour of Benjamin Satchwell and witnessed first hand the metamorphosis of Leamington from a small village into a town. His real importance to the researcher lies in the fact that he made copious notes on […]

Beech Lawn, Home of Dr Jephson

Beech Lawn, “Dr Jephson’s splendid mansion” once stood at the corner of Warwick Street and Dale Street. Designed by a local architect, William Startin, it was built by a workforce of 140 in 1830-31 for the Leamington doctor, whose advocacy of a plain diet, exercise and the taking of the Leamington waters made the Spa […]

Sam Lockhart, Elephant Trainer Extraordinaire

 The world’s foremost elephant trainer began his working life as a circus acrobat and when he died was described by the Leamington Courier newspaper as a ‘retired giant of the entertainment industry’. The dapper little man with the magnificent white moustache was one of Leamington’s most recognisable residents in the years between the two world […]

Fred Mulley

Frederick William Mulley,  Baron Mulley of Sheffield, 3 July 1918 – 15 March 1995   Fred Mulley was a prominent postwar Labour politician, Barrister–at–Law and Economist. He was born in Leamington at the beginning of July 1918 to a family whose maternal ancestors were all involved in farming. Fred’s grandfather Boiles was a waggoner on […]