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Feldon School

Feldon School was set up at Milverton Hill by Dr J.L. and Mrs S.A. Matthews in the summer of 1950.  They had taken over a small private school, ‘Ardmore’ based at 69 Willes Road/corner of Leam Terrace in September 1948, when Ardmore’s previous owners left to run a boarding establishment in Monmouth.   In a matter […]

William Garbutt – and Italian Football

“The most important man in the history of Italian Football” This is an introduction to a more detailed article which can be seen when you CLICK HERE. The Daily Mail dated Friday 15th April 2016 reviewed a new football related book entitled ‘Mister’.  Part way through the article there is a reference to William Garbutt, […]

Cricket in Leamington

ONE OF OUR EARLY ARTICLES As 19th Century Leamington metamorphosed from village into prestigious spa town, and eminent medical men advised exercise in addition to taking the waters, many sports associations sprang up here. Leamington could boast a Real Tennis Club, the first venue for Lawn Tennis (on the site of the present Manor Court […]

Women in the Cricket Field

 A trawl through back copies of the Leamington Courier in search of archive material relating to Leamington Cricket Club turned up an intriguing announcement by Mr W A Bezant in the editions of June 1890, – the forthcoming “Engagement, for one day only, of The Original English Lady Cricketers”,  when two complete teams, Reds v. […]

Westlea Wanderers Football Club

It is fifty years since Westlea Wanderers got together, – a group of lads playing football for fun on the local rec, who gradually became a force to be reckoned with.  They started their campaign for recognition in the Leamington Sunday League Youth Section and went on to win a series of prestigious trophies all […]

Tomes Printers of Leamington 

    Alfred Tomes was born on 4th October 1853 at Rouse Lench, Worcestershire.  He was apprenticed in his teens to printer and stationer, Edward Adams of Stratford upon Avon, then worked as a printer in Oxford. By the age of 37 he was married and living in Grove Street, Leamington and in partnership with […]

Basil James Nightingale, Hunting and Racing Artist (1864 – 1940)

Basil Nightingale was the youngest of the ten children of Elizabeth and Robert Nightingale R A, a reputed animal painter of Maldon, Essex. Nightingale is thought to have been trained by his father and worked with him on known pictures.  He certainly showed early promise: at the age of twelve he produced a copy in […]

Ernest and William Renshaw, Wimbledon Champions

The twins Ernest (1861 – 1899) and William Renshaw (1861 – 1904) were the tennis players of their age.   They were born at Brandon Lodge, Brandon Parade, Leamington, and baptised at Saint Mary’s Church.  When the twins were only a few months old, the family moved to Cheltenham, where eventually they built their own tennis […]

The “King of Clubs” William James Henri Lawton (1871-1964)

Born in Warwick in August 1871, small in stature (5ft 4½ in) and slender in build (9st 3lb), Henri Lawton nonetheless became a renowned gymnastic, boxing and fencing instructor, the author of 2 small books on exercise and fitness, and in 1895, World Champion Indian club swinger. To claim the title, which had almost always gone to an American before this, Henri […]