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Sergeant FG Brown, Leamington Borough Police Force

    Frederick George Brown was born in 1835 in Leamington Priors to John and Charlotte Brown. John was a local carpenter and had five surviving children, four sons and one daughter. Three of his sons became policemen – two of them, including Frederick, were sergeants in Leamington Priors Borough Police Force. After school, Frederick first became […]

Leamington Spa Borough Police Special Constabulary

Leamington Spa Borough Police  Special Constabulary   Special Constables are not the relatively new institution that many people suppose. They date back as far as Anglo-Saxon times, when communities policed themselves, hundreds of years before the Police Force that we know. The modern Special Constabulary was created by Act of Parliament in 1673, but in […]

William Thomas Edwards, Chief Inspector of Police (1842-1909)

  William Thomas Edwards joined the 30-strong Leamington Police force which had been in existence since 1825, on the 15th October 1863. At that time, a Constable’s pay was 18s 6d (92.5p) per week whilst on probation and on being given permanent appointment, it was increased to £l-0s-6d (£1.025p) per week. The hours of duty […]