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Coach Houses

This is a slideshow by Alan Griffin which has images of many buildings which were coach houses in years past. Click on the forward and back arrows on screen or on the keyboard to navigate through the presentation. Click on the two-headed arrow symbol in the bottom right to enter full-screen mode. Coach houses slideshow […]

Railways to Royal Leamington Spa

This is an introduction to the railways of Leamington Spa and a longer and more detailed Research Paper is available HERE In the nineteenth century Leamington Spa was blessed with the construction of railway lines radiating in several directions. Leamington missed out on the first main line from London to Birmingham which opened in 1838 […]

Miss Rosemary Thwaites

Rosemary Thwaites was the youngest child and only daughter of Captain Sidney Herbert Thwaites, a retired soldier-turned-farmer and a member of the Yorkshire brewing family. Her older brother Leslie Basil Thwaites, a farmer, engineer and inventor, set up Thwaites Agricultural Engineering Company, and Rosemary too grew up interested in motors and mechanisms, driving a car from […]

B G Bowden and the 1946 ‘Streamline’ Cycle

The streamline cycle, shown here in an early press photograph, used a new energy-storing device calculated to revolutionise cycling by storing energy when travelling downhill and releasing it on climbing. It was designed by Ben Bowden, a well-known Leamington industrial designer and consulting engineer, to be displayed at the Britain Can Make It exhibition in […]

Mousell Brothers, Removal Contractors and Storers

The Public Hall, built in Windsor Street in 1853 was the headquarters of one of the largest removal contractors and removers in the United Kingdomin the late nineteenth century. Mousell Brothers set up their spacious warehouse and offices, at a time when it was common to sell house contents by auction when moving from one property […]

AW 52

Long before Concorde went into service and as long ago as 1943, the Coventry firm of Sir W G Armstrong Whitworth developed an experimental, tail-less jet aircraft, the AW52 which became known as the Flying Wing. This aircraft had no fuselage or tail section and was essentially a large fixed wing powered by two Rolls […]

A 1940s People Carrier

When I was a young lad growing up in the nineteen- fifties, my father was a baker in the small Warwickshire town of Southam. In 1947 he had purchased the old windmill and the bakery business that went with it and my two brothers and I moved in to the small cottage that went with the […]

Travelling to School on the Train . . . . 1955 – 1962

Back in the mid – 1950s, following my success in passing the eleven plus examination, I was offered a place at the Hugh Clopton School for Girls at Stratford upon Avon (later The Stratford upon Avon Grammar School for Girls at Shottery Manor). When I first started there a lot of Leamington girls chose to travel by train, […]

Leamington’s First Velocipede?

As many of us begin dusting off our bikes for a burst of spring fitness, we don’t usually give much thought to cycling’s early days, or how cycles came to be made. Many of the early models were very much a local product but still hard to come by. In 1837, the young John Charles Manning was desperate […]

Tramway to Royal Leamington Spa

The Beginning Trams followed their steel tracks from Leamington Spa to Warwick for nearly fifty years. The trams are now a distant memory for only a few. The idea for a tramway was born when an Act of Parliament authorised the construction in 1879. The system was engineered by a local man, John Fell, and […]