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Here is the history of Leamington College for Boys, otherwise known as Binswood Hall, in Binswood Avenue. The story is told in 42 slides and was compiled by Alan Griffin. Click on the forward and back arrows on screen or on the keyboard to navigate through the presentation. Click on the two-headed arrow symbol in […]

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Edward Tracy Turnerelli was the grandson of an Italian count. His father Peter was one of the most eminent sculptors of the age and in 1801 became Royal Sculptor in Ordinary to King George III. He carved portrait busts of many members of the Royal Family and enjoyed a large and lucrative practice. One of […]

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Miss Cutter’s paternal ancestors came from Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire.  Her father Thomas was a journeyman tailor, who went on to become a master tailor. He married Elizabeth Robbins from Staffordshire in 1855, and after the birth of their first daughter Sarah Elizabeth at Ashby, they came to live and work in Warwickshire, […]

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The Duggins family were originally blacksmiths in Berkswell, and Barston, but Joseph Duggins and his wife Ann came to settle in Cubbington in about 1856. Edward, their third child and second son, was born there in 1857.  Copies of the Leamington Courier of the time reveal that the blacksmith’s extended family became prolific prize winners […]