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Memorial to Civilian War Dead

During the 1939-1945 war, Leamington experienced a number of air raids which caused the death of 13 people and severe injuries to 39 others.  This information was not made public at the time, for fear of damaging morale, but it came to light when the Local Medical Officer of Health published a report after the […]

A Time to Remember

Thursday 18 June marked the 73rd anniversary of Operation Anthropoid and the mission of the seven Czech soldiers to assassinate the Nazi tyrant Reinhard Heydrich.  The Friends of the Czech Memorial Fountain, including many living relatives of the 4000 soldiers billeted in and around Leamington in WW2, gathered in Jephson Gardens on Sunday 14th June to […]

Bath Place School in the 1940s

History Group Member Jeff Clarke was a pupil at Bath Place School just after WW2, until he left to take up an Apprenticeship at Henry Griffiths’ jewellery factory at the age of 15. He recorded these reminiscences of his school days with Margaret Rushton. He remembers the overcrowding, in the Infants, Juniors and Seniors, – […]

World War One Remembrance

The Poppies or Barbed Poppies – The New Memorial in the Jephson Gardens At 11.00 am on 11th November 2014 a memorial was unveiled  in the Jephson Gardens, between the Aviary and Willes Road entrance.  The memorial will remember all those who played any part in World War One, including the widows and orphans and those who […]

From New York to Omaha beach

  In October 1940, a fresh-faced young American named John Buccellato, just out of his teens, enlisted in the United States Army Infantry. His parents who were middle-class Sicillian immigrants lived in an apartment block facing Central Park in New York City. His mother was a milliner. Within two years ‘Butch’ Buccellato found himself in […]

Leamington at War

Surprisingly, practically nothing has been written about the war years in  Leamington or  of  local  people’s  wartime  experiences. Some recent research into those unfortunate Leamington residents killed by wartime bombing suggests that the war years are  a  period  in  urgent  need  of  recording. Such  a  project  is  something  that almost  every member  of  our  group  can  contribute  to  in  some  way.  Many  of    our members  will have  first‐hand experiences  to  share and even  us wartime  […]

Cloister Crofts Camp

Local residents Graham Cooper, Michael Wills and Mr Murray all have memories of a Military Camp on the site of the present North Leamington School playing fields, between Kenilworth Road and Cloister Crofts. Access to the camp was by gates on Kenilworth Road, where until recently traces of the gateways could still be seen in the hedgerows alongside […]

Leamington Spa Borough Police Special Constabulary

Leamington Spa Borough Police  Special Constabulary   Special Constables are not the relatively new institution that many people suppose. They date back as far as Anglo-Saxon times, when communities policed themselves, hundreds of years before the Police Force that we know. The modern Special Constabulary was created by Act of Parliament in 1673, but in […]

H H Clarke

Harry Herbert Clarke B Squadron 6th (Iniskilling) Dragoons 7th Cavalry Brigade, 3rd Cavalry Division “A particularly fine and dashing soldier” Harry Herbert Clarke was born in Canterbury in 1872, and enlisted in 1st (Canterbury) Troop, A Squadron, Royal East Kent (Yeomanry) Mounted Rifles at the outbreak of the 2nd South African [Boer] War in October […]