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E Francis & Sons, Bath Street

Until about 1790 Bath Street was the site of an orchard with a few cottages and outbuildings. William Abbotts discovered Leamington’s second spring on the land adjoining the former Bath Hotel, where he built the first hot and cold baths, demolished in 1867 by Frederick William Francis in order to extend his store. Mr Francis […]

Castle Brewery

This is a summary of a Research Paper which may be viewed by Clicking Here Long before the subject brewery coexisted with a hotel, the Brunswick Street premises were known as the Castle Tavern and – according to an 1816 entry in the licensed victuallers’ records – its first licensee was Joseph Baker; it would […]

Richard Hewens, Leamington Ironfounder, Ironmonger and Inventor

Richard Hewens was born at Morton Pinkney, Northamptonshire in 1819/20.  The first mention of him in Leamington is his marriage to Mary Ann Hall of Budbrooke at All Saints Parish Church in 1841.  Richard and Mary Ann were listed at 38 Althorpe Street in the 1851 Census, with Richard’s profession given as “Smith.” They had […]

Photographers of Leamington Spa: Robert L Graham (1844-1925)

Robert Leveston Graham (long thought to be his trade name, rather than his given name) was born in the East End of London in 1844, the younger of two sons born to Louisa, the unmarried daughter of Lawrence and Mary Leverston of Stepney.  When their mother married, the brothers were raised with their step-siblings in […]

George Cunnew, Bookseller, Stationer and Entrepreneur, 1822 -1898

George Cunnew was not Leamington born, but he made Leamington his home and built up a successful business here.  He came from Bethnal Green, one of the poorest parts of the East End of London in the nineteenth century. George, born in 1822, worked for a bookseller, and looking for better opportunities, moved with his […]

G W Grove, A Most Litigious Ironmonger

Recent research on local iron-founders and ironmongers has uncovered a quite remarkable man with a busy career in court in the second half of the nineteenth century. The man in the spotlight is George William Grove. He first appears in the Leamington Courier as the executor of a will in 1871. Over a period of […]

H B Dunn Chemists

  One of Leamington’s longest established businesses became yet another casualty of the increasing rents demanded for commercial premises when H B Dunn the Regent Street Chemist moved to alternative premises this year. The properties adjoining the old Lloyd’s Bank including the Golden Lion Inn were some of the first buildings to be erected when […]

Soans – A Family Business

This is Richard Soans’ introduction to the fascinating story of a well-known Leamington family business. CLICK HERE to read the full article. Soans is an unusual name.  It may be English, a variant of ‘son,’ or it may be Scandinavian. What is indisputable is that our family can be traced back to 1655.  Recent generations […]

Railways to Royal Leamington Spa

This is an introduction to the railways of Leamington Spa and a longer and more detailed Research Paper is available HERE In the nineteenth century Leamington Spa was blessed with the construction of railway lines radiating in several directions. Leamington missed out on the first main line from London to Birmingham which opened in 1838 […]

Thornley-Kelsey [Radford Hall] Brewery

This is a summary of the Research Paper which is available in full HERE Born on 7th August, 1854, Henry Edward Thornley was originally a farmer at Radford Hall, Radford Semele, who initially commenced brewing solely for his own labourers. However, by 1898 he had broadened his business interests and is listed at Radford Hall […]