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Summary of a Research Paper by Martin Ellis, May 2016 (updated July 2017) The Leamington Brewery was founded in 1839 after, London textile merchant, Stephen Lewis purchased a block of land in Lillington Avenue from Thomas George Skipwith, Glynne Welby and Christopher Wise. Stephen Lewis’ original partners were Everitt Allenby and a Mr. Sandeman, and […]

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Automotive Products was the major employer in Leamington for around 40 years in the 20th century. It was generally referred to locally as AP or Lockheed although the company used many other brand names. Origins. The Automotive Products company began in Berners Street in London in 1920 with the purpose of importing components from the […]

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Miss Cutter’s paternal ancestors came from Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire.  Her father Thomas was a journeyman tailor, who went on to become a master tailor. He married Elizabeth Robbins from Staffordshire in 1855, and after the birth of their first daughter Sarah Elizabeth at Ashby, they came to live and work in Warwickshire, […]

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While the history of Leamington’s pubs is comprehensively covered in the 2014 publication ‘Pubs of Royal Leamington Spa – Two Centuries of History’ [by Allan Jennings, Martin Ellis & Tom Lewin], we should not overlook the breweries that were once part of Leamington’s social fabric, albeit a great many years ago; their respective histories were […]

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  The best known name for stonemasonry in this area is Pullin.  The business, situated in High Street next to the railway bridge, still bears the Pullin name even though there is no longer a family connection. George Pullin started the business in 1875 in King’s Heath near Birmingham and his son, Charles inherited it.  Charles moved to Leamington […]

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The Public Hall, built in Windsor Street in 1853 was the headquarters of one of the largest removal contractors and removers in the United Kingdomin the late nineteenth century. Mousell Brothers set up their spacious warehouse and offices, at a time when it was common to sell house contents by auction when moving from one property […]